Public Notice re: suspension of Noise Variation Application process (Events only) due to COVID-19 restrictions.

EMA & Noise Complaints

The EMA investigates instances of recurring noise with the assistance of the Environmental Police Unit (EPU). The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) can provide immediate relief from noise pollution. The Police can use various pieces of legislation including the Summary Offences Act and the Motor Vehicles & Road Traffic Regulations to address the situation right away.

EMA & Noise Variations

If anyone intends to exceed the standards set by the Noise Pollution Control Rules such as for a party or other event, they must first apply for and receive a Noise Variation from the Environmental Management Authority. A Noise Variation is a permit that allows a deviation from the prescribed standards of the NPCR, but also limits the level of sounds that can be emitted.


Noise Variation

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Noise Pollution Control Rules

Standard Noise Levels & Details

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Noise Variation Application Fee Information

  1. All Fees are to be deposited, directly to the EMA Account – #1183848, at First Citizen’s Bank.
  1. Applicants must attach the original receipt to the application form and keep a copy for their records.
  1. Applicants must also ensure that the bank includes their name on the receipt.
  1. Application fees are:  $250 (for single events), $1000 (for multiple events), and $2500 (activities in excess of 1 year, or part thereof)
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