Installation of iCARE recycling bins at The Office of the Prime Minister at Whitehall

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has made an environmental pledge to assist in the fight against pollution. As such, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) collaborated on this environmental sustainability journey through the installation of iCARE recycling bins throughout the premises, making recycling more accessible to all staff and visitors. The overarching goal of this installation is to reduce their overall contribution of waste entering the landfill whilst conserving our natural resources.

The iCARE team visited the premises and did an initial assessment, and based on the number of staff, level of waste and size of the compound at the OPM, the team opted for the installation of three (3) indoor recycling bins. Translucent bags and educational materials were also handed over to The Office of the Prime Minister.

Through this initiative, iCARE will now be able to collect post-consumer beverage containers such as plastic (PET/Type 1) bottles, drink cartons, aluminum cans and glass bottles from the Prime Minister’s compound.

The iCARE project continues to maintain the recycling infrastructure in schools, organisations and communities nationwide while increasing public awareness and participation in recycling as it aligns with the Waste Management Rules (WMR), 2021 and the National Environment Policy, 2018. The EMA salutes the OPM for their environmentally conscious decision towards achieving a greener future and encourages other entities to get involved in adopting sustainable practices.


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