MEDIA RELEASE – Waste Management Rules 2021 Sensitisation Sessions hosted by the EMA.

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) hosted two days of Waste Management Rules 2021 virtual sensitisation sessions with stakeholders from three major industrial parks, the Eteck Diamond Vale and Omeara Parks and the La Brea Industrial Development Company Limited (LABIDCO).

The sensitisation sessions which were facilitated by members of the EMA’s Waste Unit provided guidance to stakeholders on the application process for a Waste Generation Permit. The Waste Management Rules, 2021 (WMR), and the Waste Management (Fees) Regulations (WMFR) 2021 became operational from 31 May 2022. As such, the EMA has been providing guidance to stakeholders about the requirements and roll-out of the WMR and WMFR.

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