Name: EcoWash 

Organiser/ Founder: Dareem Jeffrey 
Point Person: Dareem Jeffrey 

Contact: 1-868-368-4864 



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Project Information


Project Status:  


Project Objective:  

To promote water conservation in the carwash industry. 

 Project Description:  

EcoWash: A Water-Saving Car Wash Revolution 

EcoWash is the country’s first water-conservation car wash, guaranteeing a clean car using only 2 litres of water. During water restrictions, it becomes the only legal car wash option in Trinidad and Tobago (besides the bucket and sponge method). Over the past two years, we’ve developed a compact, portable unit holding enough water to wash 10 vehicles. 

Empowering Youth and Protecting Water Resources 

Our business model empowers youth, especially from vulnerable areas, to operate their own units in strategic locations like malls. This approach achieves two goals: reducing water waste, particularly during dry seasons, and providing youth with a positive path to self-sustainability. 

Why Choose EcoWash? 

Local reservoirs constantly face stress to meet demand. The Water and Sewage Authority penalizes car washing with hoses or power washers during dry seasons. These conditions create an opportunity for EcoWash, a cost-effective and water-conservative alternative to traditional car washes. 

Kairos GSC Ltd.’s Innovation: EcoWash 

Developed by Kairos GSC Ltd., EcoWash is a portable, self-contained car wash system that uses an average of 2 litres of water to wash a mid-sized sedan without generating wastewater. It offers significant cost savings alongside social and environmental benefits. This unit is even more efficient than buckets, which can use up to 120 litres per car. 

EcoWash: A Sustainable and Efficient Solution 

EcoWash is an ecologically friendly replacement for traditional car washes. Its innovative features include: 

  • No infrastructure or drainage required 
  • No water or electrical connection needed 
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly products 
  • Faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient than traditional methods 
  • Safer for both humans and the environment 
  • Reduces carbon footprint by offering convenient locations 

Empowering Youth Through Training and Employment 

Our business model involves training and employing young men and women to manage the units, maintain quality service, and utilize effective business practices for their success. 

Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 

This system aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, which aims to “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” EcoWash is the proud recipient of awards such as the UN Green Innovation Competition Winner, the SHELL LiveWire Winner, and the CYE 2023 winner, among other prestigious recognitions. 

Remarkable benefits of EcoWash 

  • Bridges the water deficiency gap 
  • Builds the local economy through innovative local alternatives 
  • Creates employment for women and youth through licensing and franchising, encouraging entrepreneurship 

Water Saving Potential of EcoWash 

If one million cars are washed monthly with EcoWash, it would save 2.16 billion litres of water annually. This water could be redirected to crucial sectors like agriculture and household activities like bathing and cooking. 

EcoWash: Convenience and Professionalism 

We understand busy professionals often lack time for car washing. EcoWash offers a reliable and convenient service by catering directly to customers. Scheduled residential appointments are also available. 



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