The Information Centre is a special library which houses a reference collection, consisting of books, reports, periodicals, law, audio visual materials, environmental posters, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, brochures and ephemera on the environment. It is open to the public – Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

The National Registers are housed in the Information Centre. They are the Certificates of Environmental Clearance Register, the Noise Variation Register, the Water Polluters’ Permit Register and the Air Polluters’ Register. Members of the public can access the files and request photocopies.

The Information Centre supports the public education and awareness thrust of the EMA. This is done through the provision and dissemination of information. Reference and information services are available to clients via telephone and electronic mail. All clients who wish to visit are asked to call the EMA or send an e-mail, in order to make an appointment.

The Information Centre offers electronic access to information resources.

Support is provided to community groups and Non-Governmental Organisations in the execution of their environmental awareness-building exercises through the provision of information resources. Governmental agencies and statutory bodies can collaborate with the Information Centre in the execution of their environmental education campaigns.

If you have an environmental project and require information, you may contact the Information Centre or visit for information resources. Research assistance and referral is offered to other libraries and photocopying services are available to clients.

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