1. Why should I recycle with iCARE?

When you recycle with iCARE, you help to preserve the environment by reducing: human demand for new natural resources, the burden on our local landfills and the release of harmful toxins that produce long-term negative health impacts in both humans and animals.

2. Where can I get collection bags for recycling?

Any translucent or frosted bag can be used for recycling. The preferred collection bags are available at most local supermarkets. Collection bags can be any colour besides black – this helps us to easily confirm the contents are indeed recyclables.

3. How can interested communities & businesses obtain an iCARE collection bin?

Interested community groups and businesses may submit a written request for consideration. Approval of a request for a public iCARE bin is based on several factors including: site suitability, public access, proximity to schools and other collection sites, security of the state assets, as well as the level of community interest and involvement. iCARE collection points are generally accessible to the public as such collection bins are not provided to businesses for private, restricted use. iCARE is currently focused on the placement of collections bins in schools.

4. Are indoor recycling bins provided to businesses?

iCARE branded indoor recycling bins are distributed to primary and secondary schools. Private entities interested in setting-up recycling programmes with iCARE can send an email to request branded recycling bin labels and educational content for circulation to staff and their customer base via available mediums.

5. Where do the recyclables go after they are deposited at the iCARE Collection sites?

Since 2017, the EMA contracted the Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) to establish and operate its three (3) Pilot Collection Depots. At these sites, primary processing takes place before the material goes to the Beverage Container Recycling Facility (BCRF) in Sealots, POS for secondary processing.

6. Does iCARE collect recyclables from businesses?

iCARE facilitates the collection of recyclables via its network of public collection bins. Some businesses employ waste management providers to transport stockpiled recyclables from their compound to any of the iCARE’s Pilot Collection Depots, located in Guanapo, Forres Park and Port of Spain. These facilities are managed by SWMCOL and are open to the public during week days from 7:30am to 3:00pm.

7. Are there any plans to introduce curbside (door to door) collection of recyclables?

iCARE championed the first nationwide, pilot curb-side collection of recyclables in 2015. This has since triggered the launch of similar programmes by several Regional Corporations in collaboration with SWMCOL. All recyclables collected via local curb side recycling programmes are processed at Pilot Collection Depots established by the EMA iCARE Project. Contact your Municipal Corporation for further information about curb-side recycling in your community.

8. How do you contact the EMA iCARE Project?

Incoming correspondence should be addressed to: Recyclable Solid Waste Collection Project (iCARE), Project Management Unit

Environmental Management Authority (E.M.A.)

Head Office

#8 Elizabeth Street, St Clair

Contact: 226-4EMA 

Email: kphillip@ema.co.tt | ggilkes-edwards@ema.co.tt | nrudder@ema.co.tt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ICARETTproject/

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