WWD - NarivaWWD - Nariva
WWD - BuccooWWD - Buccoo

Date Celebrated

February 2nd,  2021

World Wetlands Day is a UN commemoration recognizing the importance of wetlands.

World Wetlands Day is commemorated on 2nd February to recognise the importance of wetlands. This year, we reflect on the three local areas declared Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention.
The Caroni Swamp was declared a Wetland of International Importance in 2005. The swamp protects low lying areas of Northern Trinidad from coastal flooding and storm surges and is a habitat for numerous species.
The Nariva Swamp is the largest freshwater swamp in Trinidad & Tobago and one of the largest in the Caribbean. It was designated a Wetland of International Importance in 1992. The Nariva Swamp provides a source of income through guided tours and fishing and is home to many species.
Buccoo Reef/Bon Accord Lagoon Complex was designated a Wetland of International Importance in 2006. The site contains mangrove forests, coral reefs and sea grass beds making it an excellent nutrient-filled habitat and breeding ground for a wide variety of species.
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