MEDIA RELEASE – Officers from the Agricultural Development Bank benefit from EMA training on the CEC process

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) hosted three sensitisation sessions with staff of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) in July 2023. The sessions involved over 70 officers from the ADB’s Technical, Credit and Business Development teams and aimed to sensitise staff on the EMA’s Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) process.

The sessions, which were conducted by officers from the EMA’s CEC, Legal, Permit Monitoring, Complaints and Public Education Units, addressed the CEC application process, the issuance and monitoring of the CEC and possible enforcement actions that may be taken in instances where breaches/non-compliance are identified. By the close of the sessions, there was a better understanding of the CEC process and its associated timelines, as well as the applicable Designated Activities for agricultural activities which may require a CEC.

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