EMA and TTPS Collaborative Partnership to combat noise pollution.


The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) initiate a Collaborative Partnership to combat noise pollution.

With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, the cries for relief from noise pollution have resurged with its attendant consequences on the health and wellbeing of those affected. The EMA and the TTPS recognise noise pollution for the growing scourge that it is but are also cognisant of the need for entertainment.

In order to address the matter collaboratively and strike the appropriate balance between these conflicting needs, an inaugural meeting was conducted on 6 June 2022. The TTPS team, represented by the Heads of all Divisions, was led by ACP/DC-Operations (Ag.) Joanne Archie. Senior Superintendents Junior Benjamin, Ryan Khan, Winston Maharaj, Brian Ramphall, Superintendents Ian Carty, Terrance Dick, Doodhai (Ag.), Andy Teewarie, and Assistant Superintendents Rodhill Kirk and Mathura were also present. The EMA team was led by Chairman Nadra Nathai-Gyan and Managing Director Hayden Romano. Presentations were conducted by Nadia Tewarie of the Noise Unit and Maurice Wishart, Head of Legal Services (Ag.).

The two entities discussed synergies and approaches to bring much needed relief to citizens regarding noise pollution. Among the matters discussed were:
• An overview of laws to combat noise pollution and current efforts.
• EMA’s efforts in capacity building and field training of TTPS officers on use of Noise Meters.
• Role and responsibilities of controlling noise pollution by the TTPS in Trinidad and Tobago.
Regarding the way forward, both entities have committed to strengthening capacities through training, establishing points of contact for effective response to complaints and nuisance events and enhancing the collaborative partnership.

The EMA continues to advise citizens to formally report noise nuisances to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and the EMA at complaints@ema.co.tt or 226-4EMA Ext. 2. This will not only assist the EMA in developing a database on noise nuisances in Trinidad and Tobago and alert the TTPS to act within its remit in accordance with the Summary Offences Act Chap. 11:02 but can also determine future actions regarding the number of events hosted, where these events are hosted, and other strategies to mitigate against noise pollution in Trinidad and Tobago.Both the EMA and the TTPS are encouraged by this long-awaited meeting and have committed to strengthening the collaboration going forward, resulting in a productive partnership to mitigate noise pollution.


In the event of an environmental incident, contact the EMA’s Emergency Response Hotline at 680-9588. For complaints, submit details via WhatsApp 868-367-8824, email complaints@ema.co.tt or visit www.ema.co.tt
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