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Be Our Partners in Sustainability – *Reduce *Reuse & *Recycle with iCARE 


The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) through its Recyclable Solid Waste Collection Project, also known as the iCARE Project is making it easy for citizens to recycle at school, home and work. iCARE established a nationwide network of recyclable collection bins to facilitate the recovery and processing of post-consumer beverage containers (Drink cartons, Aluminium cans, Glass bottles and Plastic (PET/ Type 1) bottles.) Beyond the placement of public collection bins in schools and communities, iCARE networks with various stakeholders to heighten public awareness and participation in recycling.  A change in Trinidad and Tobago’s waste management culture is important to address the urgent global crises of climate change and environment pollution. These eff­ects are associated with the cumulative impact of irresponsible consumption and production, and unsustainable waste disposal practices. Globally there is a thrust towards a Circular Economy (reduce, reuse, recycle, remanufacture, redesign, repurpose, refurbish, repair) and away from the present Linear Economy (take, make, waste).




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