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Reduce Noise Pollution

Reduce noise pollution:

  • Install noisy household equipment such as washing machines, away from partition walls or place them on a carpet or rubber mat to reduce vibration.
  • Consider fitting rugs over floorboards and curtains on windows to reduce everyday noise in your home.
  • Reduce the effects of noise from your TV, water pumps, AC units, and stereo by moving them away from your neighbours' walls.
  • Keep the volume of your TV, radio and music as low as possible, especially late at night. Set your hi-fi bass control at a low level - the bass beat can be particularly irritating!
  • When tackling do-it-yourself jobs, make sure you carry out the noisiest jobs during the day. Keep the evening for quieter work such as painting and decorating.
  • Mow the lawn and use garden power tools at a reasonable time - not early morning or late evening when the noise could be most annoying.
  • If you play a musical instrument, consider practising at a reasonable time and not early in the morning or during the late evening or night.
  • If you own a dog, train it not to bark unnecessarily. Never leave your dog alone for long periods - asks a friend to exercise it during your absence.  According to the law, a barking dog can be a noise nuisance and you could be prosecuted if you do nothing to stop it.
  • If you drive a car or motorcycle, always drive quietly in residential areas.
  • Avoid revving your truck, car or motorcycle unnecessarily.  Keep the silencer in good condition.
  • If you have a house/ car alarm, appoint a key holder who can be contacted if it goes off while you're away.  Get it maintained regularly so that it doesn't go off accidentally.
  • Choose the quietest models when you buy new household appliances such as washing machines.
  • Orient speakers so that they do not face residential areas.
  • Use acoustic barriers to reduce the impact of the sound generated.
  • Start and finish parties and other events earlier.
  • Exposure to noise can result in hearing loss, both temporary and permanent. Permanent hearing loss is irreversible.
  • Noise causes irritation, stress and elevation of blood pressure.
  • Don’t stand directly in front of speakers.
  • Never stand with babies or small children in front of speakers.
  • Deejays, please don’t shout into your microphones.  Exposure to sudden, loud noise can result in hearing loss.
  • Warn your neighbours if you are going to make unavoidable noise - a party or a do-it-yourself project, for example.
  • If a neighbour is creating a noise, talk to him/her politely and explain the problem.  People are often very happy to reduce the noise once they realise it is causing a problem to others.  Conversely, people usually feel less disturbed by nuisance noise if they feel they have some control over it.
  • If talking to your neighbour doesn't work and the noise persists, try involving a mediation service, which may help sort out your differences without having to go to court.
  • For immediate relief from noise contact your nearest Police Station.
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