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Would you like the EMA to host an information booth at your event?  Public Education team will be more than willing to host an interactive display at any of the following:

  • Community Fair or Open Day
  • Career Day
  •  Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) Week
  • Cultural Event
  • Commemorative Environmental Exhibition
  • Conference


Procedure For Requesting an EMA Booth
Send a letter requesting an EMA booth to the Manager, Technical Services or for more details contact the Senior Environmental Education Officers at 628-8042, Ext. 2303 or  645-7739, Ext. 4262.

  • Letter must state:
    • Date and time (start and end time) of event
    • Venue
    • Theme or topic
    • Intended purpose of display
    • Audience e.g. primary school standard one; technical staff etc.
    • Booth details and other exhibitor information
    • Contact person

Once request is approved, notification will be sent to the person requesting the booth.

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